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The culture of Jaipur epitomizes the very essence that the state of Rajasthan stands for – royalty & chivalry, heritage & history, festivals & colours. And the people of Jaipur like any other part of Rajasthan are known for their colourful attires, their love for their heritage and tradition. Jaipur is also famous for semi-precious stones and the best place to buy them is off Johari Bazaar. Miniatures, handicrafts, clothes, jewellery of silver are other items to be bought in Jaipur. The cultural prosperity of Rajasthan is evident in its local festivals and fairs, some of which attract international attention. Planning one’s Jaipur travel during the time of festival will be a mesmerizing holiday for tourists. Jaipur is the commercial centre for most of the rural regions of Rajasthan, so you could come across typical Rajasthani men and women wearing turbans and ghagra-choli respectively during your stroll in the city. The cultural prosperity of Jaipur is visible in its local festivals and fairs. There are several shopping places in Jaipur that vary from specialty markets, general interest markets and government approved state emporiums. Shopping in Jaipur usually revolves around shopping for jewellery. Jaipur provides a unique shopping experience to its visitors. Right from jewelry to clothes to footwear, almost everything is available in Jaipur. This Jaipur shopping guide tells you about the famous shopping items of Jaipur, along with the famous markets.

Some of shopping malls are:

1. Gaurav Towers Shopping Centre – Shoppers Stop and Mc Donalds
2. Anand Fort – Spencers and Piramyd.
3. Ganpaty Plaza
4. MGF metropolitan- Lifestyle, Big Bazaar
5. Crystal Court (Kapda court) – Garment brand outlets – Priknit, Levi’s, Spykar, Vishal
6. Saroagi Mansion -100% “women” complex catering to cosmetic, Saree shops, Perfumes
7. Trillon Mall- Sab Malls ka baap

[[Gaurav Tower]] Gaurav Towers is the most happening joint in Jaipur. Situated away from the congested market place, the shopping mall at Gaurav Towers – or GT – attracts both shoppers and fun seekers. Spread across a sprawling area of 25,000 sq meters, Gaurav Towers is perfect in terms of ambience, space, variety and hassle free parking. [[Ganpati Plaza]] The first-ever plush shopping mall of Jaipur, Ganpati Plaza is still a happening joint for shoppers, especially tourists. From colorful bhandhej to latest fashion wear, from pizzas to confectionary, from toys to electronics, and from junk to jewellery – the place offers them all. It is usually visited by the crème de la crème of Jaipur. For the middle class though, it’s only an occasional shopping spot. Rana Silk & Sarees, Jaipur Saree Kendra, Rajan’s, Mogli’s Island, Heritage Jewels, Jeypore Jewellers, Oasis Cellular, Satguru Art ‘n’ Frames and Villa Appearances, the latest addition, are the major stores here. The most sought-after outlet here is the Pizza Hut joint! Trillon Mall Trillon Mall is one of the biggest mall of jaipur. It has shoppers stop, fun cinemas, archies gallery and many more branded outlets. If you are in jaipur please do visit Trillon Mall, it is really a nice place.

* Alankar Plaza
* Anchor Mall
* Apex Mall
* City Pulse
* City Square
* Crystal Court
* Jewel of India
* The Metropolitan
* Time Square

No tour to Jaipur is complete without a visit to its bustling bazaars. Jaipur is an exciting place for shopping and most tourists make it point to browse through its colorful markets. Shopping is a wonderful experience in the Pink City and is an integral part of any Jaipur tour. Jaipur is famous for its colorful textiles, leather wares and handicraft items. Jaipur is a city of vibrant colors and markets (bazaars) of Jaipur verify this fact. Jaipur’s colorful markets offer a great break to stop and shop on you tour. Usually tourists include shopping and visiting the lively markets of Jaipur in their itinerary. While moving through the markets, you will come across the vivacious culture of this region. Jaipur is the perfect place to shop for Handicrafts, antiques, jewelry, gems, pottery, carpets, textiles, metalwork and leatherwear. There are many bazaars in Jaipur that you can visit on your Jaipur shopping tour. Some of the popular bazaars include Tripolia Bazaar, Jauhari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Katla, Choti Chopad, Badi Chopad, Mirza Ismail Road and Chaura Rasta. Jaipur provides a unique shopping experience to its visitors. Right from jewelry to clothes to footwear, almost everything is available in Jaipur. This Jaipur shopping guide tells you about the famous shopping items of Jaipur, along with the famous markets.

Some of the popular items of Jaipur are:

* Jewelry
* Gems and semi precious stones
* Kundan work (setting precious stones in gold)
* Lacquered Bangles
* Sanganeri prints
* Hand block printed textiles
* Tie-dye fabrics
* Traditional miniature paintings
* Kota doria saris
* Blue pottery
* Minakri work (enamel work on gold)
* Enamelware
* Brassware
* Woolen carpets
* Cotton rugs
* Leather footwear (especially embroidered Jutis)

Here is a list of some of the famous Jaipur shopping destinations:

* Rajasthali

* MI road
* Nehru Bazaar
* Bapu Bazaar
* Chapur stalls
* Johari Bazaar

[[Shopping in Jaipur for Jewelry]] If Shopping in Jaipur, buy ethnic jewelry as Jaipur is reputed as the wholesale manufacturer of jewelry all over the world. Look for ornaments made of precious and semi-precious stones. Jaipur is a famous center for the cutting, polishing and setting of these precious and semi-precious stone, particularly that of diamonds, topaz and emeralds. Jaipur Enamel or Minakari is also very popular. It is an art in which enamel work is fused over gold or silver to provide a new design. Kundan work of Jaipur is equally famous. It is kind jewelry in which kundan is fused over gold or silver to provide a new look and design to the ornament.

[[Shopping in Jaipur for Brassware]] The brass work made in Jaipur is of a very high standard. The skilled artists are able to produce such a large variety of items made of brass like vases, ashtray, fruit tray, trophies, jewelry boxes, decorative items and small statues. Lacquered brass work and carved brass work is done in Jaipur.

[[Shopping in Jaipur for Textiles]] Jaipur is known for its cotton textile prints particularly the Bandhej or the Tie-N-Dye prints. The other popular prints are the floral sprigs on block prints of Sanganer and Bagru.

[[Jaipur Handicrafts]] Handicrafts of Jaipur are well-known throughout the world for their distinctive quality and exclusive variety. Due to this fact, Jaipur is also recognized as crafts capital of India. The Royal Family of Jaipur patronized the craftsmen and artisans, which led to the flourishing of arts and crafts in Rajasthan. If you are an art lover, Markets of Jaipur offer rich and assorted handicrafts of interest.

[[Jaipur Camel Leather Items]] Rajasthan is famous for its leather craft industry. Many a people of different places in Rajasthan are engaged in the same industry. Leather items like Jutis, Mojaris (slippers), Bags, Sandals, Shoes and Purses made in Jaipur catch the due attention of the tourists.


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